Workers Compensation

Experienced attorneys protecting Missouri workers
When you are injured while doing your job, you may be eligible for benefits under the Missouri Workers Compensation law. You may be entitled to Workers Compensation benefits even in the absence of your employer’s negligence or fault.

The experienced attorneys at Tyree, Eskew & Roberts in Blue Springs help workers get fair compensation for injuries sustained in the workplace. Our attorneys help workers attain coverage for their Workers Compensation claims including:

  • Compensation for temporary total disability
  • Compensation for permanent disability
  • Compensation for medical bills
  • Compensation to dependents for workers death
  • Future medical costs

Workers Compensation may not be your only remedy
In many instances, if you are injured while working in the course and scope of your employment, your sole remedy is to pursue benefits under the Missouri Workers Compensation law. However, there are circumstances where an injured worker can seek civil damages against a third party or a co-worker. At Tyree, Eskew & Roberts, our attorneys are skilled at analyzing whether you are limited to Workers Compensation benefits or whether you have the right to seek a recovery against a negligent third party.

Appealing Workers Compensation Decisions
If your Workers Compensation claim has been denied or the result was contrary to the law, you have the right to appeal that decision to the Missouri Workers Compensation Commission. There are strict time limits on when you may do so. You may also have the right to appeal the decision of the Missouri Workers Compensation Commission to the Missouri Court of Appeals. Our attorneys have handled appeals both at the Commission and the Court of Appeals level, and would be happy to speak to you about representation.

Contact an Experienced Workers Compensation Attorney
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