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Settlement or Trial?

Tyree Eskew and Roberts recently obtained a verdict on behalf of one of our clients who was injured in a car wreck. The case was tried to a jury in Jackson County. The wreck occurred when the defendant lost control of her car in icy conditions on I-70 and ran into our client forcing both Read More »

Erosion Of Your Rights

The Workers’ Compensation system was set up to provide medical benefits and certain wage loss benefits to injured workers regardless of whether their injury was caused by the negligence of the employer. In exchange, the Workers’ Compensation system became the exclusive remedy for injured workers. In other words, workers gave up their rights to sue Read More »

Tilting At Windmills

For decades many brave members of the Missouri Legislature and lobbies such as the Missouri Chamber of Commerce have been fighting to help small businesses, to keep jobs and doctors in Missouri, and to keep the trial lawyers from taking over the State. For instance, they passed laws narrowing the claims that can be made Read More »

Do I Need A Lawyer For My Workers Compensation Claim

The Missouri Workers’ Compensation law can, at times, be difficult  to navigate, especially for injury victims who are trying to handle their own case against experienced attorneys hired by the insurance companies.  Some insurance companies and employers treat their injured employees fairly.  But, unfortunately, many do not. A survey conducted by the Missouri Lawyers Weekly, a Read More »